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ethanol fireplaces


Planika’s intelligent bio fireplaces with the patented BEV Technology™ are the most advanced products in the industry. We are the provider of the only solution which ensures the cleanest possible burning process without any smoke, smell or ash. Planika's fireplaces are fully automatic, clean and safe. The whole burning process is controlled by a microprocessor connected to several safety sensors eliminating user's error. Other safety and efficiency feature is that there is no direct contact between the flame and the fuel, and only the vapors are being burned. We pride ourselves to have the most eco friendly fireplaces.



With our intelligent bioethanol fireplace inserts the flames can be built in the wall, a piece of furniture, they can be open from all sides. Choose an indoor ethanol fireplace that makes a versatile solution for unlimited arrangement possibilities. Ethanol fires are easy to install and control.

Insert-type bioethanol fireplaces are a solution for developing the most creative visions of the fire in interiors. You decide whether you want to build bio ethanol fireplace into the wall or a piece of furniture. Release your imagination and create a modern and fascinating projects that will never go unnoticed.

Completely open bioethanol fireplaces can be freely arranged, even in the middle of the room. You can also customize its length or join several modules together.



Ethanol fireplaces in casings provide elegance and warmth to spaces of all kinds. This ready to build-in insert is a solution offering design flexibility as the casings are available in various viewing options. Bioethanol fireplaces feature zero-emission technology that means they require no chimney. The standard casing can be provided with a thick frame, which can become a strong final touch to your bio ethanol fireplace.

Choosing a bio ethanol fireplace with a dedicated casing provides the easiest installation in the wall. The dimensions of the housing will be certainly appropriate and the materials will definitely meet the relevant safety standards. The universal look of the bio fireplace will fit in with the rest of the interior design regardless of its style.



Freestanding bioethanol fireplace is a contemporary solution for maximum comfort and unlimited arrangement possibilities. Planika’s freestanding indoor ethanol fireplaces with plug & play installation ensure instant natural fire in any interior.

Ethanol fires are perfect for anyone who values a comfort of use. The bioethanol fires do not require chimney or any other hard connection what makes the installation process the easiest and the quickest possible. Planika's freestanding bioethanol fireplace is an ideal solution for indoor spaces where the traditional fireplace is not suitable.



Tabletop ethanol fireplaces are a perfect addition for any yard, patio or garden, bringing a unique ambience during long evenings. The small size and portable form make our bioethanol fireplaces universal and convenient in use. Featuring our patented Commerce Technology, you can rely on our promise they are the safest tabletop ethanol solution on the market.

No matter if you are planning a garden party or a lazy afternoon with a cup of coffee, the small tabletop bioethanol fireplace will add a touch of elegance to the event and make leisure time more enjoyable. Ethanol fireplaces can be easily arranged on a table top instead of traditional candles.

The tabletop bioethanol fires utilize the Commerce technology - its inside is filled with highly absorbent ceramic fibres to keep the Fanola® fuel contained and prevent leaking and spilling even when pushed over.



Planika’s contemporary columns bio fireplaces will give your outdoor space a gorgeous ambience and natural light. With the portable form, you can rearrange the position of the bioethanol fireplace anytime. Enjoy the most natural fire in the natural environment.