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Tomasz Tubisz (Cubic projekt)

We have recently interviewed a successful architect and interior designer – Tomasz Tubisz from Cubic Projekt. We chatted about his work, the private residence in Bialystok, which was one of his most exciting and difficult projects.

Inspired by the work of Robert Konieczny and other professionals, the architect is also keen on avant-garde and modernism, which he wishes to show in his own projects. His aim was to create a superb, timeless house, that the investors would not like to change at any point, the interiors had to be really unique and functional. Expanding the 300m2 house into a luxurious, 600m2 residence was even more demanding, as it assumed implementing a 3-metre-long fireplace. Fortunately, the client gave the architect his full trust and relied on him completely.

Check out the podcast and listen to the whole interview with Tomasz Tubisz.

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