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Fuel Type
Length in mm

Cover Cabo

Logs Set Cool Flame 500

Logs Set Cool Flame 1000

Glass Shield for Cool Flame 500

Glass Shield for Cool Flame 1000

Glass Screens Set 590

10 days
fireplace glass screen

Tray With Stones 590

10 days

Tray With Logs 590

10 days

Gas pressure regulator 37mbar Clip-On

Gas pressure regulator 28mbar Bolt-On

Logs Set Gas Outdoor

Senso Grate + Logs

Neo Grate + Logs

White Stones Set Panorama

Logs Set Panorama or Stone

White Stones Set Scandi

10 days

Long glass panel bracket

10 days

4x Glass Panels Faro

10 days

Automatic Fuel Pump

10 days