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indoor ethanol fireplaces

Indoor Ethanol Fireplaces

Planikas’ indoor ethanol fireplaces combine green and safety thinking with the technology of tomorrow. All in one compact package.

Ethanol Burners

Easy Installation

One box indoor fireplace / Plug and play indoor fireplace / Unique and elegant indoor fireplace
Our ethanol inserts are the best and easiest solution whether you want an insert with a casing as the whole solution. With different lengths, and variations of the casings the fireplace can be visible from chosen sides. As our ethanol fireplaces have clean combustion – no chimney or flue required – the installation costs are low. You can enjoy real flames and warmth of the fireplace with no hassle.

Ethanol Fireplaces

Ultra Easy Solution

Complete indoor ethanol fireplace solution
Choosing a solution with the dedicated firebox can give a lot of advantages, like zero-clearance installation where the fireplace can be built into any wall and any types of materials can surround the fire - giving you lots of possibilities of design arrangement. Having in mind that - due to break through BEV technology - no hard connections are required, it is the best choice for interiors.