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gas fireplaces

Gas Fireplaces

Planika offers advanced gas fireplace systems for both indoor and outdoor spaces. It is our customers who choose the suitable supply option, as our modern gas fires allow for both LPG and Natural Gas. The automatic gas fireplaces by Planika combine many intelligent features and uniquely authentic decorative accessories, which give always safe and incredible fire. Planika implements tried and tested safety features that make every gas fireplace reliable and safe. Discover the true quality of Planika products.

Linear Gas Fireplaces

Indoor Gas Fires

Our gas fireplaces with linear burners are perfect solutions for both residential and commercial interiors, where they can be arranged as a focal point of the space. Two different fuel options and remote operation systems make linear gas fireplaces a versatile solution suitable for everyone.

Fire Tables

Modern combination of a fireplace and a table - warmth and utility

In order to create a delightful gathering spot for you and your loved ones, Planika has introduced fire tables to its collection. With these, you can enjoy quality time with your family or friends over coffee or a glass of wine, without having to worry about the evening chill.



This collection is dedicated to those who look for stylish solutions to decorate their garden or patio. The vertical form of the fireplace elevates the look of the flame to another level.