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Planika at iSaloni 2024

Live Showcase of Newness and Innovation! Hello design enthusiasts! Every year, iSaloni is a special opportunity for us to showcase our groundbreaking innovations in BEV fireplaces and modern outdoor firepits that revolutionize the industry. Join us to see these novelties live and witness how Planika presents them at every trade show. Planika at iSaloni 2024 […]

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New York Times Spotlight: Transforming Manhattan Living with Planika’s Innovative Fireplace

Christopher Rawlings, a talented architect, has given a Manhattan apartment a unique character by incorporating the FLA fireplace from Planika in his design. Featured in “The New York Times,” the project demonstrates how, thanks to our innovative BEV (Burning Ethanol Vapours) Technology, Planika’s fireplaces perfectly fit into urban high-rise living – without the need for […]

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WHAT IS MODERN STOVE? Modern stoves are freestanding, automatic ethanol fireplaces equipped with the innovative BEV® (Burning Ethanol Vapor) Technology. They produce real flames without the need for a chimney as they don’t emit any smoke.  Planika fireplaces are controlled as easily as a television – with a remote control. Moreover, they come in many […]

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Interview with Dreams Decora

Interview with Dreams Decora Design aficionados and fans of innovative technology, you won’t want to miss our latest YouTube interview featuring two esteemed architects discussing the visual allure and advanced technology behind Planika’s Outdoor Fireplaces. Hear first-hand why these industry experts are raving about the cutting-edge design and sophisticated technology that make Planika’s fireplaces stand […]

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Elevate Your Outdoor Space with Fire Tables: The Ultimate Trend

Elevate Your Outdoor Space with Fire Tables: The Ultimate Trend In the realm of outdoor living trends, fire tables have emerged as a true game-changer. These dual-purpose pieces seamlessly blend the allure of a cozy fire pit with the functionality of a stylish table, making them a hot commodity for terraces and patios. Beyond aesthetics, […]

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Media wall – within reach of the fireplace

A television set mounted above the fireplace can be within reach not only of the client’s imagination but can also become the central point of many interior arrangements. Not every type of fireplace will work as a media wall element. Before deciding to purchase a fireplace, it is important to ensure which solution is feasible […]

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20 YEARS OF PLANIKA 20 years ago, Jarosław Dąbrowski and Artur Weilandt, sitting around a bonfire in Australia, came up with the idea of creating an ethanol fireplace company. In October 2022, this very company – Planika – celebrated its 20th anniversary with dealers from all over the world. During this event, we shared the […]

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Stone and rock – a revolution in the fireplace industry! The Stone and Rock fireplaces are something completely new on the market! With their appearance they resemble a wood-burning fireplace, but equipped with the modern BEV technology (Burning Ethanol Vapours), they ensure the complete combustion of bioethanol vapours and, therefore, no smoke, no unpleasant smell […]

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Do ethanol fireplaces give off heat?

Do ethanol fireplaces give off heat? Although a new fireplace with BEV (Burning Ethanol Vapours) was not intended to become a heating solution for buildings, it does effectively raise the temperature in the rooms where it is used. In case of Planika automatic ethanol fireplaces, the flames come from the combustion of pure bioethanol vapour […]

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Automatic BEV fireplaces in Norway – Planika and Jøtul become business partners.

Automatic BEV fireplaces in Norway – Planika and Jøtul become business partners. In January 2022, Jøtul officially started cooperation with Planika and became its exclusive distributor in Norway. Edyta Nowak and Katarzyna Maciejak, travelled to the showroom in Fredrikstad to present the product range, train new contractors and discuss joint partnership opportunities. Jøtul – 165 […]

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HOW DOES AN ETHANOL FIREPLACE WORK? COMPARISON OF AUTOMATIC AND MANUAL FIREPLACES The construction of automatic bio-fireplaces is more complex than a manual ethanol fireplace. Inside the device, there is a tank for liquid bioethanol fuel, a vapor generator, an internal pump, a special hearth, and an inner tank. A microprocessor and numerous sensors are […]

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Why are automatic ethanol fireplaces with BEV technology a few times more expensive than manual ones?

Why are automatic ethanol fireplaces with BEV technology a few times more expensive than manual ones? Knowing the low prices of manual bio-fireplaces from DIY shops, the price of 4550 EUR (excl. VAT) for a Planika automatic insert may come as a surprise. To understand the components of this price and why it is worth […]

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CREATE INVITING AMBIENCE SET THE MOOD WITH AN OUTDOOR FIREPLACE Planika offers a collection of garden fireplaces that can be perfectly arranged in any outdoor style. Customizable fireplace burners and wide range of freestanding patio heaters and fire pits will make an attractive centerpiece of your outdoor project. With ease of installation and ease of […]

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Outdoor fireplaces can create an outstanding ambiance in the garden, on a terrace, or in commercial spaces such as hotels and restaurants. Especially, in the summer, these products become a center for late-night gatherings. Watch the Planika webinar to learn more about these modern outdoor fireplaces. SEE PLANIKA OUTDOOR GAS FIREPLACES Gas inserts by Planika […]

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PLANIKA & AURA WELLNESS – EDUCATIONAL EVENT FOR ARCHITECTS IN OUR DEALER’S SHOWROOM With social events coming back in 2022, one of Planika’s dealers in Hungary – Aura Wellness decided to organize a 3-day long event for architects and designers. The owners of the showroom – Tamás and Adam Csillag invited Planika for their event Aura […]

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What you need to know before buying a gas patio heater?

What you need to know before buying a gas patio heater? From different shapes and sizes to various kinds of power supply, to different applications – patio heaters can create an outstanding ambiance in outdoor spaces. Especially in the spring and summer season, these products can be seen in private patios or outside restaurants. However, […]

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A modern fireplace in the living room – what if not a gas fireplace?

A modern fireplace in the living room – what if not a gas fireplace? If you are thinking about a modern fireplace in your living room, you would most often like a fireplace with a real fire, with beautiful colour, long fire line, no cleaning, always ready to light and framed in a beautiful casing. […]

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HOW TO USE PLANIKA’S DEALER ZONE QUICK GUIDE Almost every day Planika’s customers send us numerous requests for marketing materials, technical specifications of fireplaces, manuals, etc. Seeing such a high demand, we decided to meet your needs by creating a freely available database of files to download. 1. WHAT IS DEALER ZONE? DEALER ZONE is […]

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WHAT IS THE BEST BIOETHANOL FUEL FOR FIREPLACES – BUYER’S GUIDE Bio fireplaces are becoming more and more popular, that’s why the number of bioethanol fuel manufacturers grows too. The origin of the fuel might differ and it influences its qualities. Are you sure, you can choose the bioethanol fuel that is right for your […]

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Is it safe to mount a tv over a fireplace?

Is it safe to mount a tv over a fireplace? 4 most crucial things to consider. In recent years, a TV above the fireplace became extremely trendy in the world of interior design and architecture. Connecting two strong elements that increase the viewing experience might be a beneficial solution for both the designer and the […]

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Are ethanol fireplaces safe?

Are bio ethanol fireplaces safe? Bio fireplaces are the alternative to wood-burning stoves and gas fireplaces. This solution has given the opportunity to have a fireplace without a classic chimney, flue or pipe installation. It is a solution for all those who want to have a fireplace while living in a block of flats.   […]

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CONVERTING GAS FIREPLACE WITH ETHANOL FIREPLACE – CASE STUDY A story of waking up to a non-working gas fireplace and relaxing in the evening by the ethanol fireplace. The gas fireplace was a pre-existing element of the estate, but we didn’t know how to connect it to a gas bottle. In only 3 hours, our […]

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What’s the difference between a gas fireplace insert and a gas fireplace?

THE DIFFERENCE A gas fireplace is a great option to introduce an ambient atmosphere of fire into the interior. The fire is natural and looks comparably to flames from wood-burning fireplaces. If we decide to introduce such a solution to our home, it is necessary to understand the difference between a gas fireplace and a […]

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Outdoor Gas Fire Pit

WHAT IS AN OUTDOOR GAS FIRE PIT FOR IF NOT FOR COOKING How much time do you spend in your garden? With a fire pit there, time spent outside might be even more enjoyable. But, our outdoor fire pits are not a barbecue or any other device dedicated to cooking outside. If you’re looking to […]

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Custom Bespoke Fireplaces

Bespoke fireplace for unlimited arrangement possibilities Have you ever looked for a fireplace which is a perfect fit for your design? With no hard connections and exhaust system requirements, Planika offers unlimited arrangement possibilities to turn any interior design idea into reality. Enhance your project with real flames of FLA3. Advanced bespoke fireplace solutions Modern […]

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What is The Best Garden Fireplace

Summer is for spending more time in your garden. The time there can be even more enjoyable if you have an outdoor fireplace. You may wonder how to choose the right one if there is such a wide range of outdoor fireplaces on the market. We are here to help you find your perfect burner […]

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Why You Should Switch Your Traditional Burner To Bioethanol Fireplace Insert

You may think that installing a bio ethanol fireplace insert in your house is a trend that might soon pass. Nothing could be more wrong. With all the ecological issues appearing, the need for CO2 emission reduction, smog problems, bioethanol fireplace insert may be the only way to get real flames in interiors shortly. It […]

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What is trending in fireplace industry in 2021

Trend no #5- ecological approach With constant climate changes and the worry of global warming, traditional fireplaces do not seem to be the best available option. Deforestation is a natural disaster, and according to WWF (World Wild Life) comes in many different forms that harm natural environment. Those beautiful yellow fireflames from burning wood-logs mean […]

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Forma’s debut at the ibs international builders show 2020

You can never get bored at Planika! From Frankfurt to Warsaw, Dubai and now Las Vegas! You can never get bored at Planika! We kicked off the new year with a fantastic TV appearance at the national breakfast show and then we’ve hit Las Vegas. Gamblers paradise, top tourist destination and the entertainment capital of […]

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Top tips how to decorate your fireplace and mantelpiece for the festive season

Christmas decorations With Christmas just right around the corner, don’t let stress take over your festive spirit! All the hustling and bustling, preparation and shopping, decorations, baubles and ribbons…When it comes to planning, Christmas decorations should be at the very top of our to-do-list. For some daunting and for others fascinating, choosing a theme and […]

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Planika selected as the winner

Of the vesta award by hearth & home Planika, an internationally recognized manufacturer of automatic fireplaces, was awarded the prestigious Vesta Award during the major fairs in the United States. For the first time, the company presented the new collection of gas fireplaces dedicated for the American market. Planika DV 36’’, one of the debuting […]

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Choose a bio fireplace for your apartment or condo

Flueless fireplaces for apartments Most apartment owners are under assumptions that installing a fireplace in a condominium is not possible due to various reasons, like lack of chimney or storage space. Safety reasons are also a big factor here, as traditional fireplaces produce soot, ash or smoke, and it is a potential hazard for people […]

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Is your fireplace ready for the upcoming regulations?

Update a traditional burner with the eco-friendly insert l-fire. The much-beloved traditional fireplaces bring to our minds the vision of a crisp, cozy evening and crackling logs. But is all so bright and shiny about it, as most people think? It is now obvious that fireplaces utilizing natural wood have some serious drawbacks that significantly […]

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New gas fireplaces by planika

A combination of natural flames and comfort of use. Planika is a world-wide recognized ethanol fireplaces manufacturer. An innovative approach, modern design, and constant development make us the leader on the market. Planika is a world-wide recognized manufacturer of high-end ethanol fireplaces. An innovative approach, modern design, and constant development make us the leader on […]

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How safe is it to place a tv over a fireplace?

Have you ever considered how safe it is to place a tv over a fireplace? If not, we have a perfect solution. Having a fireplace at home was a privilege some time ago, but thankfully this has changed and now everyone, almost everywhere can own one. People usually feel best at the comfort of their […]

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Planika interview stefania skrabak

Art home garden Amazing apartment transformation by Art Home GardenCharles & Tikka project by Stefania Skrabak from Art Home Garden definitely wins hearts of “green buildings” lovers.Bio ethanol Fireplace was installed in this NYC eco-building for the first time and it has generated incredibly positive response from householders as well as all visitors.

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Some want it to be bio. Some want it to be gas. Now planika satisfies them both.

Bio fireplaces Once we reached the top in the bio fireplaces industry, we started looking for new paths to extend our offer. Answering our clients’ needs we started working on gas fireplace technology, for those who wish to use gas within their fireplace design but still desire the combination of high-tech and top-notch design. Today […]

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Successful debut on fairs ACETECH in Mumbai the biggest exhibition in India

ACETECH Mumbai Together with our exclusive business partner S.T. Unicom we took part in ACETECH Mumbai – the biggest exhibition in India. Planika was proudly represented by our Commercial Director, Anna Tubisz and Head of Sales Department, Edyta Nowak. From 11th to 13th of November they were happy to display Fire Line Automatic 3, Pyramid […]

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Planika at Maison Objet Paris 02-06 september 2016

In Paris At the beginning of September 2016 Planika once again took the opportunity to present its unique bio fireplaces on the International Maison Objet Fair in Paris. In collaboration with Haifu, a furniture company from Haiti, we prepared an elegant and original display presenting not only our well-known Fire Line Automatic, but also introducing […]

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Planika’s yearly event in spain for architects and interior designers

Planika’s annual meeting with architects It has already become an annual tradition for Planika to organise an event during which we are able to share our ideas and introduce new products. On our guest list you can find not only top architects, interior designers and distributors, but also people dedicated to the company and responsible […]

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Three scenes of fire design Planika at the Milan Design Week

Milan Design Week For the 7th time, Planika Fires proudly invites you to the Milan Design Week exhibition from the 12th to 17th April, 2016. Planika together with Vibieffe, Caccaro and Alno will introduce visitors to the unique ambience of thoughtful contemporary fire and interior design. This will also be an exceptional event due to […]

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Enjoy the luxury of fire masters of lxry 2015

Fire Line Automatic Planika together with Studio Robin Sluijzer and Domotica will feature the latest high-end products during the Masters of Luxury 2015 in Amsterdam from December 10 –14. The Masters of Luxury 2013 became a landmark in the luxury event calendars. One you cannot miss. Planika will be presented along with global luxury brands […]

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Sail with style planika reached another

Milestone installing a fireplace on yacht We are proud to announce that our flagship product- the FLA 3 has become a part of the Serenity – Mondomarine SF40 Superyacht’s interior design.For the first time in history, you can enjoy real, dancing flames while traveling across the world on the deck of a luxury yacht. Until […]

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Beurs eigen huis intelligent fire controlled with smart home system

Intelligent Fire We would like to invite you to Beurs Eigen Huis in Holland from October 9 –11. Come and visit us at the Domotica Projects stand no. DH23. We would like to show you our vision of Intelligent Fire which can be a great alternative to gas fireplaces. Discover Controlled by WiFi Smart Home […]

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Bio fireplace for eco design interview with living in space

Living in Space Tanyth Thomson and Zehra Abidi are part of the successful English interior design company – Living in Space. Dealing with everything from interior refurbishment to new builds. In a recent interview, we had the pleasure to talk about their latest eco development, changes in advance bioethanol fuel fires, as well as their […]

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Interiors like a box of chocolates interview with geometrix design

Geometrix Design Paraphrasing a famous movie quote from the Forrest Gump, Geometrix Design is like a box of chocolates “you never know, what you gonna get”. This Russian design team, Michael Miroshkin and Elen Miroshkina established their own studio in Russia about six years ago. Since then, they keep trying to prove that geometry and architecture are […]

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See you on the 36th Yapi Turkeybuild Istanbul 2013

We are excited to see you next week on the 36th YAPI TURKEYBUILD Istanbul 2013, at the TUYAP Fair, Congress Center Buyukcekmece, Istanbul, Turkey. Here are a few details before you go. It is the biggest inter-regional building gathering that spans Turkey, Balkans, former CIS countries, North Africa and Middle East. We will present the […]

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Planika is proud to be part of the world’s

Most important international design fair The next edition of Milan Design Week once again will set the new trends. Timelessly beautiful form, unconventionality and precision in conjunction with the astonishing element of fire will be the theme of this year’s exhibition of Planika Fires and RES Italia. Planika Fires at Milan Design Week 2014 The […]

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Reaching the clouds with planika’s fire

Interview with hans murman The Swedish landscapes offer not only beautiful panoramas but also many unique designs of buildings and commercial facilities. One of them is Tusen restaurant accomplished by the Swedish architect – Hans Murman from the Murman Architekter design office. This fantastic building situated between the ski-slopes of the Ramundberget resort is reminiscent […]

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Planika on masters of lxry 2013

Planika Fires at Masters of LXRY 2013 If you are interested in something a little more exclusive we have an option in front of you. Planika together with Studio Robin Sluijzer will feature the latest high-end products during the Masters of Lxry 2013 (previously known as The Millionaire Fair) in Amsterdam from December 12-16. It […]

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The pure feel of the real fire

Interview with tom cornwell On this month’s case study, meet Tom Cornwell, managing partner of The Oakridge Partnership, and the owner of an absolutely amazing Villa Escarpa in Portugal. The video examines Tom’s overall design philosophy and how that approach was carried out during the Villa Escarpa Project. This is probably one of the largest […]

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Design by the sea interview with MSWW

Look to the future and modernity Presenting our latest podcast, with the Ministerstwo Spraw We Wnętrzach. Their design is characterized by the contemporary style, with a touch of old times and class. It has also an insightful look to the future and modernity. Those little things inspire MSWW and create a modern sense of style, […]

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Planika at the Milan Design Week 2013

Milan Design Week 2013 We are excited to announce that Planika will make an appearance on Milan Design Week in Italy, which we cordially invite you to attend. From the 9th of April 2013 we will be present on events dedicated to exclusive contemporary designs: Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2013, Superstudio Piu (Temporary Museum For […]

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The longest fireplace you can have interview

Tomasz Tubisz (Cubic projekt) We have recently interviewed a successful architect and interior designer – Tomasz Tubisz from Cubic Projekt. We chatted about his work, the private residence in Bialystok, which was one of his most exciting and difficult projects. Inspired by the work of Robert Konieczny and other professionals, the architect is also keen […]

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Saniya chughtai‘s project with the fire line automatic

The people’s choice award Planika’s wonderful fireplace, included in the interior design project created by Saniya Chughtai has helped her to win the INDEX Contemporary Majlis Design Competition! We are really proud that the bio fireplace enriched Saniya‘s project. Saniya is a Dublin-based interior and architect designer with a great passion for design that exceeds […]

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Interior design with dot.projekt

Interview by planika We have recently had the opportunity to interview a young, open-minded interior designer, Aleksandra Bobrowicz-Nadolny from a Polish company – dot.projekt. Aleksandra told us about her latest project in Cracow, her visions, inspirations and experiences while using Planika products. Inspired by several foreign projects (Decorum Architects, Bouroullec Brothers or Jaime Hayon) the […]