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With social events coming back in 2022, one of Planika’s dealers in Hungary – Aura Wellness decided to organize a 3-day long event for architects and designers. The owners of the showroom – Tamás and Adam Csillag invited Planika for their event Aura Expo to present the technology of automatic bioethanol fireplaces. Among other companies that presented their products on the same day were HiGold, Laufen, Sicis, Hüppe, and Hansgrohe.


On the 6th of May, Aura Wellness organized Aura Expo in their showroom in Veszprem for the architect and designers. During this event, the guests had a chance to see the products firsthand, learn the practical tips on how to implement them in the architectural project, and obtain contact information from the manufacturer.

For 20 years now, the owner of the Aura Wellness – Csillag Tamás, has been helping the architects, designers, and other customers in choosing the best high-quality wellness products. Together with his son – Csillag Adam, they offer a wide variety of saunas, whirlpools, garden furniture, and more.

Previously to this event, Aura Wellness took part in fairs in January and March and they promoted among others the Planika fireplaces. The products became incredibly popular among the participants of fairs, that’s why Adam decided to include Planika in his Aura Expo in May.

We organized a few events in the past few years, because we believe that (…) it’s very important to get to know more about the customers and to educate them about the products. Not only about Planika, but it can be all kinds of products we are dealing with (…).

Just last year, Aura Wellness added Planika fireplaces to the list of products they offer. At first, these were outdoor gas fireplaces such as Lighthouse, Faro, and Square Table. Now both Planika and Aura Wellness aim to popularize the automatic ethanol fireplaces, that strive to be the future of the fireplace industry, among architects and designers who create projects for sustainable houses.  

We had a deeper inspection of this technology and we found out this would work in many areas that we haven’t really focused on earlier. That’s why we had this idea to show these fireplaces to the designer and the architects because we cannot really see these products in buildings. However, they look great and they are very easy to install (…).


The first motivation to organize Aura Expo was to present new products and the technical solutions they offer to the architects and designers.

The approach of Aura Wellness and Planika toward customers is very similar.

Nowadays providing the customer with educational materials about products and services is a crucial point in the customer experience process. This approach requires a close collaboration between the manufacturer and the dealer. The manufacturer provides detailed information on new products and updates. The dealer, on the other hand, is matching relevant information to customer needs in order to help him choose the most suitable product.

In a long term, we think it’s important to educate the customers, interior designers, and architects, because if they get the knowledge and we help them find the products easier and quicker, they will feel as if they already got something they wanted.

For Adam, the Aura Expo was the opportunity to share his knowledge and enthusiasm for Planika fireplaces and other high-end products they offer in their showroom.


The event was divided into four thematical segments:

  • GARDEN & FURNITURE (HiGold, presented by Csillag Ádám)
  • FIREPLACES (Planika presented by Edyta Nowak)
  • SHOWERS (Hansgrohe presented by Ádám-Gombár Eszter, Laufen presented by Németh Ákos and Hüppe presented by Rajna Kata
  • SAUNAS (presented by Csillag Tamás and Bor Iván for Sicis)  

Edyta Nowak – Head of Sales and Business Development in Planika presented the BEV (Burning Ethanol Vapours) Technology remotely from our showroom in Bydgoszcz.

Using the fireplace with a transparent side panel, she explained the process of clean combustion of ethanol vapours with no chimney, with no direct contact between the fuel and the flame. Edyta also talked about possibilities of creative use of fireplaces Planika in projects creating modern designs such as room dividers, and tunnels. She also talked about the possibilities of combining fire with fashionable materials, as well as about unusual projects such as a fireplace as an island, or TV mounted above the fireplace.

To give a real chance of familiarizing the guests with bioethanol fireplaces, Adam organized a raffle at the end of the presentation for his guests. Two winners were awarded a tabletop ethanol fireplace. The other four attendants won a chance to visit the Planika headquater in Bydgoszcz and see the production process firsthand.


Architects and designers had an opportunity to acquire practical tips and materials from the representatives of companies that cooperate with Aura Wellness. This has given them the tools to make their future architectural projects easier to create and their products quicker to implement.

After the event, Adam expressed how surprised he was by the amount of questions his guests had about the ethanol fireplaces and other products presented that day.

At the end of the day, it was absolutely worth it. Worth organizing, worth talking with everyone, because some of the designers said they were waiting for the opportunity to finally ask their questions (…).

As for the Planika fireplaces, the guests could learn more about the BEV Technology in automatic ethanol fireplaces, learn what’s the difference between manual and automatic fireplaces, and get to know why Planika fireplaces are brand new solution on the fireplace market. The guests could also see the products by themselves and learn practical tips on how to incorporate the ethanol fireplace into an architectural project. This gave them a broader perspective on the technical solutions of automatic bioethanol burners and the design possibilities of products such as FLA3.

On the other hand, Aura Wellness and Planika got valuable feedback from specialists in the architecture industry. This experience resulted in a new perspective on how to improve the aspect of educating about automatic ethanol fireplaces and the BEV Technology.

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