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Automatic BEV fireplaces in Norway – Planika and Jøtul become business partners.

In January 2022, Jøtul officially started cooperation with Planika and became its exclusive distributor in Norway. Edyta Nowak and Katarzyna Maciejak, travelled to the showroom in Fredrikstad to present the product range, train new contractors and discuss joint partnership opportunities.

Jøtul – 165 years of experience in manufacturing wood-burning fireplaces

Jøtul, is the world’s oldest existing manufacturer of wood-burning fireplaces. The company was founded in 1853 by Oluf Onsum. In 1900, it became one of the largest foundries for cast-iron wood cookers in Norway and boasted a reputation as the most technologically advanced company. In 1977, the company was sold to the multinational corporation Norcem, allowing expansion across Europe and the United States. This change made Jøtul a global company with a network of distributors in many countries around the world.

Kasia Maciejak and Edyta Nowak during product training.

The Scandinavian countries show a very high demand for various types of fireplaces, due to the weather there and the style of interior decoration. Until now, wood-burning fireplaces have been the most popular there. However, Jøtul’s management has noticed a growing demand for alternative solutions due to the increasing number of apartment blocks being built there that do not have chimney or gas installations.

Norwegian company Jøtul has 40 distributors across the country. By establishing a partnership, each of them will have Planika’s products in their range. This means an opportunity to make automatic fireplaces with BEV technology famous in Norway.

Modern and environmentally friendly fireplaces

Jøtul and Planika are an ideal combination because of their innovative and ecological approach to the development of fireplace technology. Both companies focus primarily on safety, high quality and the environment.

Jøtul is renowned for its attention to ecology. Every day, recycled scrap is delivered to the factory, which is melted down there and products are made from it. The factory meets strict standards related to exhaust emissions. The company’s philosophy is to provide products of the highest quality, which will be the best choice for climate and environmental protection.

The design of Planika ethanol fireplaces with BEV technology is a clean and efficient process without side effects such as smoke, odour, soot or ash.

NET ZERO modern fireplaces with BEV technology.

During combustion, bioethanol releases a small amount of carbon dioxide, which is then entirely absorbed by plants in the environment through photosynthesis. 100% of the emissions are offset by the CO2-absorbing plants, which means that combustion in Planika’s automatic fireplaces is carbon-neutral.

Two-day training on BEV technology in Planika’s automatic bioethanol fireplaces.

Edyta and Kasia conducted a two-day training session among all Jøtul distributors. The training was divided into theoretical and practical parts. The representatives of Planika used a Tourmatic demonstration model with a transparent cladding to show and explain exactly what the innovative BEV technology is and what possibilities it offers.

The distributors were able to take a look inside the appliance to understand why Planika fireplaces are the safest on the ethanol fireplace market. The fireplace is fully automated and all operation, including refuelling, is coordinated by a microprocessor.

Presentation of BEV technology in automatic ethanol fireplaces.
Planika x Jøtul training day.

In addition to ethanol fireplaces for indoors, Kasia and Edyta also presented the range of outdoor fireplaces, which accurately meet the needs of the Norwegian market.

Both Planika representatives and Jøtul distributors had the opportunity to exchange insights and experiences from the industry, which was extremely valuable and inspiring for both parties.

All participants returned with new knowledge that they will pass on to their customers, capabilities and products that meet the needs of the market.

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