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A television set mounted above the fireplace can be within reach not only of the client’s imagination but can also become the central point of many interior arrangements.

Not every type of fireplace will work as a media wall element. Before deciding to purchase a fireplace, it is important to ensure which solution is feasible and safe for audio-visual devices. All fireplace inserts with BEV technology can be utilized in the arrangement of a multimedia wall with real fire.

Choose the appropriate fireplace for a TV wall

First and foremost, you need to select the appropriate fireplace model for your project. From the Planika range, suitable options would be fireplace inserts with the BEV ethanol vapor combustion technology, such as FLA4, Prime Fire, Neo, or Senso, as well as the Panorama and Forma fireplaces, which come with a dedicated casing and deflector. The casing and deflector protect the area around the fireplace and electronic equipment from direct contact with hot air.

It is also crucial to consider the proper distances between the fireplace and the equipment placed above it, according to the instructions provided with each device.

Panorama – a glass-enclosed fireplace beneath the TV set

What sets the Panorama apart is that the fire is completely enclosed behind glass. The fireplace is equipped with a system that channels hot air inside the casing. This design ensures that the hot air does not directly flow towards the device above it but rather exits through the upper vent.

TV set hung above the Panorama fireplace.

Forma – a safe way to install a fireplace beneath the TV set

Forma is a fireplace with the BEV technology that comes with a dedicated casing. It is made of non-combustible materials using Zero Clearance technology. This construction consists of two layers with an air gap in between, serving as insulation. As a result, the outer layer of Forma remains cool, allowing for the use of flammable materials around it and the installation of a TV set above it. The Forma fireplace kit also includes a deflector, which not only protects the space and devices above the fireplace from heat but also allows for the use of any material around the fireplace, such as wood.

It should be noted that the mentioned fireplaces are not fully enclosed with glass; they have a glass panel with a height of 50mm.

Fireplace FLA3 in a Form covered with flammable material.

Glass panels in Forma fireplaces.

Fireplace inserts, such as FLA4 or Prime Fire are equipped with glass panels. It is important to pay attention to their installation method. In the basic versions of the enclosure, such as Single Sided, Left/Right Corner, Three Sided, there are low glass panels with a height of 50mm mounted on dedicated brackets directly on the fireplace insert.

These glass panels primarily protect the line of fire from unwanted air movements that could cause the device to shut off.

In the other types of enclosures, namely Room Divider, Island, and Tunnel, the mentioned glass panel has a height of 200mm. These panels are directly mounted onto the top plate of the fireplace insert, without the need for brackets. Their shape is designed to be inserted into pre-prepared openings in the fireplace insert.

Due to customer needs, the Planika brand has created seven different types of Forma enclosures, offering a multitude of design possibilities. : Single-sided, Left Corner, Right Corner, Three-sided, Tunnel, Room Divider, Island.

The Senso and Neo fireplaces are also available in enclosures similar to Forma, but the number of possible arrangements is limited to four: Single-Sided, Left/Right Corner, Three-Sided.

The distance that should be maintained between the Forma fireplace and audio-visual equipment is 900mm in the following enclosure types: Single Sided, Left/Right Corner, Three Sided.

In the remaining enclosure types, Room Divider, Island, and Tunnel, the distance is 750mm.  It is important to note that besides the required distance between the TV and the fireplace, the installation of a deflector, which is part of the kit, is necessary.

The absence of a deflector in Forma excludes the mounting of devices on the wall above the fireplace and requires the use of non-combustible materials in the indicated area, as stated in the instructions. The deflector is not solely a metal shelf included in the kit. It refers to an element protruding from the wall, made of non-combustible material, which protects the space above it from hot air.

Enclosure with and without deflector.

Forma 1800 Single Sided with FLA4 1490 burner.

Fireplace inserts – How to prepare a fireplace enclosure for a TV set?

It is also possible to mount AV equipment above the fireplace insert without a casing. In this case, it is important to maintain an appropriate distance between the fireplace and the electronic devices and follow the installation guidelines provided below.

What distance should be maintained between the TV set and the fireplace?

The illustration below presents two standard options for mounting a TV set above the fireplace.

The first illustration shows a TV set placed in a recess. The minimum distance that should be maintained between the front edge of the recess and the TV set is 100mm.

The second illustration presents mounting using a shelf placed directly below the AV equipment. The shelf should protrude at least 100mm from the TV  set and must be made of non-combustible materials.

The shelf serves as a deflector, directing hot air away from the area with the installed AV equipment.

In both versions, the minimum distance between the top edge of the fireplace and the TV set is 900mm. Additionally, it should be noted that the space for the recess or shelf should be made of non-combustible materials.

TV wall with a fireplace and a hot air exhaust system

It happens that customers would like to hang the TV set directly above the BEV fireplace without using a deflector or reduce the distance between them. The ideal solution in these cases is to prepare a system for exhausting the hot air.

The first diagram shows the TV set attached to the wall without recess or shelf. However, in the fireplace recess itself, an opening has been prepared through which the hot air is directed towards the outlet located above the TV set. The diameter of the opening should be at least 175mm for fireplaces up to 1190mm in length. The minimum distance between the TV set and the fireplace is 1000mm.

The second and third diagrams present a similar solution, but the TV set is additionally placed in recess or has a shelf (deflector). Such solutions allow for reducing the minimum distance between the fireplace and the recess/shelf to 600mm. As with the previously described methods of mounting the TV set above the fireplace, non-combustible materials should be used.

TV set next to the fireplace

In addition to the option of hanging the TV set above the fireplace, another common arrangement for a multimedia wall is to hang it next to the fireplace. In such a situation, one condition must be met, which depends on the way the fireplace is built. In the version shown in the first illustration, the minimum distance between the fireplace and the edge of the TV set is 400mm. If the fireplace is installed in recess, as shown in the second illustration, the minimum distance from the edge of the TV set is 200mm. The presented diagram does not require the installation of a deflector. However, a deflector would allow for the use of any material above the fireplace, even combustible ones.

Walled Garden House, designed by Steve Burke, photo F22 photography

Multimedia wall with a fireplace – what materials to use?

Pay special attention to the space marked as non-combustible materials in the user manual. This means that when constructing the fireplace insert without a casing, only non-combustible materials should be used within its vicinity. These can include ceramics, heat-resistant glass, concrete, stone, brick, fire-resistant gypsum board, mineral wool, or steel. Additionally, insulation should be applied between them and the construction to protect it from high temperatures. Before use, make sure that the manufacturer qualifies their product as non-combustible and that its application complies with the applicable local regulations. The joints and adhesives must also be resistant to high temperatures.

Projects Department

Although each project is different, the rules for installing AV equipment above it are the same. Our team will not only help you properly match the fireplace to the interior but will also provide all the details regarding its installation and the correct installation of the TV set above the fireplace. If you have any doubts, you can request a consultation from the Projects Department.



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