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Elevate Your Outdoor Space with Fire Tables: The Ultimate Trend

In the realm of outdoor living trends, fire tables have emerged as a true game-changer. These dual-purpose pieces seamlessly blend the allure of a cozy fire pit with the functionality of a stylish table, making them a hot commodity for terraces and patios. Beyond aesthetics, fire tables offer a multitude of reasons to consider them for your outdoor haven.

The Allure of Fire Tables

Picture this: a cool evening, a group of friends gathered around a table with flames dancing in its center. Fire tables create an inviting ambiance that fosters conversation and relaxation. They effortlessly become the heart of any outdoor gathering, adding a touch of sophistication to your space.

Cabo Table in Daze cladding

Modern Fuel Sources for Modern Living

Say goodbye to the hassle of wood and ash. Modern fire tables are designed to run on gas or bioethanol, both offering distinct advantages. Gas fire tables provide instant flames and adjustable heat at the push of a button. On the eco-friendly front, bioethanol fire tables burn cleanly, emitting only water vapor and carbon dioxide. This aligns with the growing trend of sustainable living.

The Cutting-Edge: Automatic Ethanol Fire Tables with BEV Technology

For those seeking the epitome of luxury, the latest trend is automatic ethanol fire tables with BEV technology. These tables offer a premium experience, automatically regulating flame height and fuel consumption. The integration of technology doesn’t compromise on style, as these tables combine high-end design with effortless control. Whether it’s a grand gathering or a quiet evening, these tables redefine outdoor elegance.

Cabo Table and Galaxy Table: redefining outdoor elegance.

The Cabo Table boasts BEV technology, offering automatic ethanol flames that elevate luxury. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Table utilizes efficient gas fuel (Natural Gaz or LPG) for instant warmth and convenience. Both tables feature stunning DEKTON cladding from Cosentino, with captivating color options like Daze and Laurent.

Cabo Table Daze
Galaxy Table Laurent

Pivot Fire Table by Planika—an ingenious fusion of form and function.

Fueled with LPG, this versatile masterpiece transforms seamlessly from a stylish table into a captivating fire pit. Elevate your outdoor experience with the Pivot Fire Table’s modern design and the allure of dancing flames, all in one exceptional piece.

Pivot Daze
Pivot Daze

Elevate your compact outdoor oasis with the Square Table gas fire table.

Ideal for small spaces, this versatile gem doubles as a stylish tabletop and a cozy fire pit. With adjustable flame size, you can tailor the ambiance to your liking. Embrace style and functionality, all in one square.

Outdoor Fireplace Square Table

In a nutshell, fire tables have evolved from simple fire features to sophisticated outdoor essentials. Their ability to provide warmth, ambiance, and functionality makes them a must-have for any outdoor space. So, if you’re aiming to transform your terrace into a haven of luxury, a fire table is the definitive way to do it.

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