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Stone and rock – a revolution in the fireplace industry!

The Stone and Rock fireplaces are something completely new on the market! With their appearance they resemble a wood-burning fireplace, but equipped with the modern BEV technology (Burning Ethanol Vapours), they ensure the complete combustion of bioethanol vapours and, therefore, no smoke, no unpleasant smell or soot. The fireplace is supplied in a self-supporting housing finished with DEKTON or SILESTONE from Cosentino. Assembly is clean and takes literally an hour, so you can opt for this type of appliance at any stage of interior finishing, without the need to renovate, build and connect a chimney or other installations. Both fireplaces come in 3 stylish finishes that fit in with the latest interior trends, while also harking back to classics that will always be on trend! To light Stone or Rock, all you need to do is sit on the sofa and press the START button on the remote control, or on the mobile app.

Portable fireplace with BEV technology Stone Daze

What is BEV technology and is it safe?

BEV (Burning Ethanol Vapours) is Planika’s brand new, patented innovative technology. The entire process is completely automated, and the liquid fuel has no direct contact with the fire. The fireplace, when switched on, draws only the necessary amount of fuel from the tank, while the automatic pump transports it to the combustion chamber. There, the bioethanol is slowly heated to a temperature at which it turns into vapours. These are distributed along the entire length of the furnace and a living fire is created. The microprocessor communicates with sensors and will be able to react if any abnormality is detected, such as a fuel spillage or even an earthquake. In such emergencies, the device immediately stops the fire and withdraws the fuel into an insulated, cooled tank.

Fireplaces with the BEV technology are controlled with a remote control or mobile app. The Stone fireplace can additionally be connected to a home automation system.

BEV technology – how does it work

Stone – a portable fireplace with BEV technology.

The Stone fireplace is a solution like no other! A hybrid of Planika’s top products, the FLA3 and Panorama, in a freestanding unit that is placed against a wall. This model looks like it is built into the wall, but its self-supporting structure is delivered preassambled, so installation takes only about an hour. The Stone fireplace is portable – you can reposition it and treat it like a piece of furniture. The hearth is covered with glass pellets – so we achieved a 3D fire effect. The flame reminiscents of burning wood. The fire is located behind the glass and can be decorated with white stones or logs.

The housing of Stone fireplace does not heat up and can stand next to flammable materials.

The Stone can be controlled with the built-in panel that is located next to the glass, or with the remote control or mobile app, as well as with the Smart Home System. It has 6 fire levels and has a maximum burning time of up to 29h.

Automatic fireplace with BEV technology – Stone Laurent

Rock – a smaller version of the Stone fireplace with the same advantages!

Rock is a smaller version of the Stone fireplace with all the advantages of the BEV technology. This fireplace can be used in both large and small rooms. It is also a great solution for block flats. To save space, Rock is equipped with a bioethanol canister, which is simply placed in a dedicated built-in recess and a pump hose is connected to it. The pump communicates with the appliance and delivers the correct amount of fuel to the combustion chamber.

Exactly like the Stone – the Rock fireplace can also be moved freely depending on where you need it. The appliance itself does not heat up, so it can be placed next to objects made of flammable materials.

The control panel is located behind the door below the firebox and can also be controlled by remote control. It has 2 fire levels and a maximum burn time of 9 hours.

Rock Daze in the modern livingroom
How to install Stone Fireplace with BEV technology

Simple and fast installation.

Stone and Rock are a completely new development in the fireplace industry. Installation of the fireplace takes just one hour, as the fireplace consists of three pre-assembled components. The finish is made of special heat- and damage-resistant sintered ceramics with a marble pattern.

All you have to do is place the panels on the base of the fireplace and you’re done! You can start using the appliance!

The fireplace is not connected to a chimney or other installations, so you are not restricted by anything – you can treat it like any other piece of furniture in the house!

The Stone model is also available in a Core version – this is the fireplace frame itself, without the cladding, which can be chosen according to your own taste. All you need to do is install the 12mm non-flammable thick panels according to the instructions.

The 3 most fashionable and premium finishes!

Both fireplaces are available in 3 different finishes: DEKTON Daze, Laurent and SILESTONE Gris by Cosentino.

Cosentino is a manufacturer of innovative, ultra-compact surfaces. The material consists of a mixture of raw materials – porcelain, glass and quartz.  These tiles are characterised by their strength and versatility. They have excellent technical properties and thus an eye-catching design. Both Daze and Laurent fit perfectly into the latest interior design trends and have a marble-like appearance.

Silestone Gris by Cosentino is inspired by the appearance of the moon. The slab with its irregular hills and depressions resembles the surface of the Earth’s satellite. Thanks to the random, non-repeating structure, no two slabs are identical. It fits perfectly into industrial and Scandinavian interiors.

Stone Daze
Stone Laurent
Stone Gris
Net zero fireplace combustion process

Are automatic fireplaces with BEV technology environmentally friendly?

When burning bioethanol in fireplaces with BEV (Burning Ethanol Vapour) technology, no harmful substances such as carbon monoxide and other pollutants are produced. BEV ensures a safe and complete combustion process, which is controlled by electronic systems. The products of combustion are carbon dioxide and water vapours, and their quantity can be compared to that in the air exhaled by humans. They are entirely absorbed in the process of photosynthesis.

Can a Stone or Rock fireplace compete with wood burning fireplaces?

The big advantage of Stone and Rock fireplaces is the speed and ease of installation. No renovation or hard connections are needed. There is no need to build a chimney or run ventilation systems.  Compared to a wood-burning fireplace, which must be included in the house design, this is a much more convenient solution. BEV models save us the effort of storing, stacking wood, cleaning up afterwards and waiting for the fireplace to fire up.

Fireplaces with BEV technology can literally be switched on for half an hour for dinner, or while watching a film, and then switched off using the remote control, just as if we were switching off the television.

In addition, just like in wood-burning fireplaces, we have a real, golden, large fire that can be used in the house or flat as an additional heat source.

Not to be left out of the equation are the trendy Stone and Rock finishes, which will add charm and class to any room.

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