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Update a traditional burner with the eco-friendly insert l-fire.

The much-beloved traditional fireplaces bring to our minds the vision of a crisp, cozy evening and crackling logs. But is all so bright and shiny about it, as most people think? It is now obvious that fireplaces utilizing natural wood have some serious drawbacks that significantly affect the quality of our air. The exhaust they produce is suffocating our cities with smog and particle pollution making health concerns significant.

Let’s not make it get out of hand

No wonder that due to the deteriorating state of the natural environment we are facing radical changes in the existing laws. These changes are reflected, among others, in the ErP (Energy related Products) directive issued by the European Parliament.

It will impose restrictive regulations concerning heating devices and the emission of fine particulate matter, gaseous compounds as well as carbon and nitrogen oxides. Even now more and more local governments are introducing amendments and bylaws putting an outright ban on the use of solid fuel-burning stoves within the city limits (e.g. London, Vancouver, Montreal).

Decide upfront. The clock is ticking.

The implications are that the new ruling will impact millions of residential units, since most devices are ineligible and do not meet the stringent emission standards. This will translate into the necessity to remove the fireplace or – at best – fully modernize it.

It therefore appears reasonable to consider replacing your traditional-style fireplace before the changes will fully affect you. The clock is ticking. The directive will be fully applicable in 2022.

Planika offers a wide selection of bio fireplaces that utilize the patented BEV Technology, which is based on the solution eliminating direct contact between the flame and the fuel. In consequence, the flame it produces is very clean and efficient. No smoke, soot and ash are produced, making Planika fires the cleanest on the market (as opposed to log fires, which make up to 30% of particle pollution in cities). Discover the unique way to fight with the pollution!


The upcoming changes will leave millions of residential spaces with empty wall openings – the remains of the former wood fireplace.

Planika fires come in different shapes and lengths and also provide the most complex offer of custom options so to make it possible to install a bio fireplace in the most unusual interiors. If you are left with an empty wall niche, L-Fire is the perfect solution. Simply insert it into the opening and enjoy natural log fire without any additional installations. As simple as that!

But it can get even simpler. Freestanding fireplaces like Lincoln and Prime Box with the Plug & Play system provide extra convenience so you can arrange the fire in any place in your interior. Enjoy the freestanding solution without any limitations and installations.

For the more demanding arrangements with the same eco-fire, Planika has prepared Fire Line Automatic – burners that can be customized to any specific needs. And apart from being clean, the fire is always natural and beautiful in colour. The most authentic-looking logs and other decorative accessories complete the perfect whole.

All the offered bio fireplaces are certified and comply with the highest quality and emission standards. The bio fireplaces by Planika utilize ecological fuel obtained through the fermentation of biomass. It provides a very clean burning process with water vapour and CO2 in insignificant amounts as the only by-products.

In the moment when new regulations are looming on the horizon, it is important to reconsider you current fire solution. Switch for bioethanol to benefit from modern technologies, automatic features and, of course, the most wonderful fire without any pollution.

Or maybe gas?!

The ErP directive determines the new energy efficiency standards for all heating appliances. Thanks to the new regulations, all the products need to be properly labelled so the customer has a clear information about its energy consumption and CO2 emission. The product you install is going to be operated in the many coming year. It is then even more important to choose the best option and avoid an expensive device replacement in the future. And as always, Planika is prepared.

All the gas fireplaces in the Planika offer already meet the upcoming changes, making them another perfect option for the future fire. The gas heating appliances provide a very clean burning process, efficient performance and the most natural flame. All of this without pollution and any unwanted by-products.

The diversified types of gas products provide different ways to install and arrange the fire in your home. Versal Freestanding with an aesthetic woodbox is a simple solution to decorate any interior in a fast and effective way. Monroe and Valentino on the other hand, guarantee unique arrangements and the most decorative flames in the fireplace industry.

Planika is there to give you only the best solutions in the fire design. We care about the environment and we prove that with the most eco-friendly fireplaces ever produced. Find out for yourself!

Be eco and do not bother with the regulations!

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