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You may think that installing a bio ethanol fireplace insert in your house is a trend that might soon pass. Nothing could be more wrong. With all the ecological issues appearing, the need for CO2 emission reduction, smog problems, bioethanol fireplace insert may be the only way to get real flames in interiors shortly. It is high time to look closer at the ethanol inserts and get familiar with the safest and the most advanced technologies they feature.

What is Bioethanol Fireplace Insert

Before we start considering the pros and cons of this fire solution, let’s clarify what the bioethanol fireplace insert actually is. A few years back, bio ethanol fireplace inserts were just metal cans filled with fuel consisting of about 95% ethyl alcohol. When fired up, the surface of the liquid started to burn – this is the place where vapours of hot alcohol were rising. Such bioethanol inserts were installed in the wall niches or hung on the wall to create an ambient decoration. This solution, although simple, had its shortcomings, as there was a risk of fuel leakage, explosion during refuelling and the formation of harmful exhaust gases.

Within passing years, the leading manufacturers developed and significantly improved their technologies to make them safer and more ecological. Nowadays, the most advanced high-end bioethanol fireplace inserts are automatically controlled with a microprocessor to control the combustion process and eliminate any risks during operation. Still, they bring unlimited arrangement possibilities. That is why they get more and more popular among architects and interior designers.

And since we already know that there exist the automatic ethanol combustion technology that is safe and environmentally friendly, here’s a message for you: Never use outdated, manual ethanol fireplace inserts, especially indoors.

FLA3 – The Most Advanced Bio Ethanol Fireplace On The Market

Planika has been a leading manufacturer of ethanol fireplace inserts for nearly 20 years. The company has an extensive network of distributors and cooperates with architects in over 80 countries around the world. Thanks to this, the company implements the most exquisite and luxurious architectural projects.

With a passion for fire and modern technologies, it proudly offers its flagship, the best fireplace insert in the world – FLA3. With all its automatic functions, numerous safety sensors, it remains an unrivalled model for other brands.

How to Instal Bioethanol Fireplace Insert

Technology has moved forward, but the way of installing fireplace inserts has not changed that much. There is still no need to connect any chimney or pipes. There is no need to call qualified professionals.

What you need is a hole in the wall of a suitable size and, what’s new, a power connection, thanks to which the computer controlling the fireplace and other components, such as a pump or a filament, can work.

The dimensions of the hole for a specific insert model are available in the installation manual, which can be downloaded together with the technical sheet on the website and in the download area. What may be inspiring for some of you, bioethanol inserts can be installed in constructions made of solid materials and finished with any materials – even flammable if you decide to instal the insert with a dedicated FORMA casing.

How to Use Bioethanol Insert

The operation of automatic ethanol inserts is extremely simple. You can turn the fireplace on with a button on the control panel, or you can use a handheld remote. With these controllers, you can switch the device on and regulate the flame height. With ethanol fireplace inserts equipped with a wi-fi module, you can communicate via a dedicated mobile app. For FLA3 by Planika, use the ‘FLA3 NET-ZERO’ app available in Google Play or App Store.

What is more, the most advanced devices can be connected and controlled with any Home Automation System.

Ethanol Insert for Woodburners or Victorian Mantels

Not everyone knows that Planika offers a solution such as free-standing ethanol fireplace inserts, such as L-Fire or Basket Fire Logs. These are unique models for all those who are attached to the traditional look of their fireplaces. These inserts can be placed directly in the fireplace mantel and, you can enjoy real, natural but already ecological flames in the interior in just a few minutes.

Bioethanol fireplace inserts are devices of the future. Get interested in the zero-emission technology of ethanol combustion now, to avoid restrictions and the need to rebuild the interior.

If you still have any questions, we’ll be more than happy to answer them. Use the contact form, chat section or call us to find out more about the most advanced fireplace inserts.

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