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Geometrix Design

Paraphrasing a famous movie quote from the Forrest Gump, Geometrix Design is like a box of chocolates “you never know, what you gonna get”. This Russian design team, Michael Miroshkin and Elen Miroshkina established their own studio in Russia about six years ago.

Since then, they keep trying to prove that geometry and architecture are inextricably linked. As a consequence, they decided to use conceptual geometry in their designs and to bring a new trend into the interior design. Please find below a case study about their recent project in Russia.

Just a while ago, they completed the Shuvalovsky Project, also known under the name of ‘Chocolate delight’. The apartment was split logically into the areas. The basic motive in the whole apartment were used to play with the appearance of the bookstand and the fireplace – Fire Line Automatic.

It is in fact a very original solution for an apartment because it is difficult to find an apartment where natural flame fireplace is used. You can hardly find a real fireplace anywhere in the city apartment. The flame size can be adjusted by using the remote control. This fireplace uses the odorless bio-fuel. Bioethanol fireplaces are very good alternatives’ – explained Elen, Geometrix Design

Almost the entire area of the apartment’s living room was built around the fireplace, so the client can watch TV and enjoy the natural flames of the bio fireplace. The use of natural materials such as leather, ebony or stone combined with soft colours gave a perfect harmony to the room and matched utterly with the sharpness of the architectural forms.

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