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A combination of natural flames and comfort of use.

Planika is a world-wide recognized ethanol fireplaces manufacturer. An innovative approach, modern design, and constant development make us the leader on the market.

Planika is a world-wide recognized manufacturer of high-end ethanol fireplaces. An innovative approach, modern design, and constant development make us the leader on the market. Solid work of our engineers and designers combined with passion, made us one of the most noticeable brands in the fireplace industry.
With this in mind, we have started to conquer yet another exciting field – the gas fireplace market.

Across the globe, gas fireplaces have been very popular for a long time. The flames look natural and have a golden colour. Products may be installed indoors or outdoors depending on customer’s needs. There is no ash, smell or smoke typical for the old-fashioned fire pits, and this is a great added value for clients.

The line of indoor gas fireplaces offers many useful solutions and is very convenient for the user. For example, Valentino and Monroe, inspired by the great stars of an old Hollywood are stylish yet very modern. Those two fireplaces can be easily arranged into any private residence or commercial site. The way we created them was to fit either into a traditional or contemporary space, so they can be preferably arranged during the design process.

Planika’s gas fireplaces offer various intelligent features to ensure the highest level of safety and comfort, such as clean combustion and minimal maintenance; flame size adjustments and heat output regulation; antireflective glazing for perfect pure view; gas, CO and seismic activity sensors, double and 3D long linear or traditionally looking “campfire” burners; remote control, Wi-Fi with mobile application and many more. Moreover, they are a perfect solution for passive homes. Valentino, for instance, gives additional heat to the indoor spaces, and as it can be operated via Smart Home System or Wi-Fi device, the user can easily set the desired temperature or flame height.

Valentino and Monroe run on LPG or natural gas, and they are provided with Eco Flow and Module Division modes to reduce gas consumption. Our devices will remind the user when the scheduled service is due, so it can be arranged on time. Also, they are equipped with a deflector which allows the user to install a TV or art above the fireplace.

We are proud to state that unique design, combined with highest safety standards has led us to enter a whole new level of developing fireplaces. Planika’s standards are always about creating the best products and widening the range of our gas fireplaces.

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