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Interview by planika

We have recently had the opportunity to interview a young, open-minded interior designer, Aleksandra Bobrowicz-Nadolny from a Polish company – dot.projekt. Aleksandra told us about her latest project in Cracow, her visions, inspirations and experiences while using Planika products.

Inspired by several foreign projects (Decorum Architects, Bouroullec Brothers or Jaime Hayon) the designer wished to create an interior that would feel luxurious, but also to seem masculine and highly functional. The project in Cracow implemented numerous prestigious brands, e.g. Mercury lamp by Artemide, resembling spilled mercury, as well as customized furniture made by an experienced carpenter, tailored to the needs of this particular space.

Aleksandra has created a marvellous, elegant interior, which was also full of contrasts: the interior is a combination of the cold and warm elements, a veneer with chromium, which is cold, a stone and on the other hand, the bio fireplace, which in this case is the warm product. Fireplace seems to create a counterweight to these materials. It’s worth mentioning that the investor, who had never used a bio fireplace before, was very enthusiastic about using Rondo fireplace after a brief presentation in one of the showrooms in Cracow.

Apart from the highest quality of Planika ethanol fireplaces, as well as the ease of use, the unique shape of the Rondo fireplace was the reason why Aleksandra chose that specific model

I wanted the fireplace to be rounded, so that I could integrate bio fireplace with the TV area. I wanted to avoid free-standing fireplaces, and choose one that allows me to fit it in the right place. I have heard about your company many times and I must admit that I had no doubt here which company to choose.

Check out the podcast and listen to the entire interview.

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