Delivery Country:
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  1. The Seller carries out the Delivery on the territory of the European Union.

  2. The Seller shall deliver the Products constituting the subject of the Contract without defects.

  3. The Seller shall publish on the Shop Website information on the number of Working Days needed to execute the Delivery and fulfil the order.

  4. The deadline for the Delivery and execution of the order specified on the Shop Website shall be calculated in the Working Days in accordance with Article 4.2.

  5. Ordered Product(s) shall be delivered to the Customer through the Supplier, to the address indicated on the order form.

  6. On the day of Products dispatch to the Customer the Seller shall confirm the shipment by e-mail to the Customer.

  7. The Customer shall examine the delivered Product(s) in the customary time and manner for shipments of that type in the presence of the Supplier’s employee. In the event of discovery of shortage or damage relating to the shipment, the Customer shall be entitled to demand from the Supplier’s employee to draw up a relevant report.

  8. The Seller shall, in accordance with the Customer’s wish, attach to the shipment being the subject of Delivery a receipt or VAT invoice covering the delivered Product(s). In order to receive a VAT invoice, the Customer should declare at the time of purchase that he acquires the Product as an Entrepreneur (taxpayer). The above declaration is submitted by marking the appropriate field in the order form, before sending the order to the Seller.

  9. In the event of absence of the Customer at the address specified by the Customer upon placing the order as the address of the Delivery, the Supplier’s employee shall leave an advice note or shall attempt to contact the Customer by phone to agree a time when the Customer will be present. If the ordered Product(s) is/are returned to the Online Shop by the Supplier, the Seller shall contact the Customer by e-mail or phone to agree the time and cost of the re-Delivery.